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Friday, October 27, 2017

Best Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains can change the look of an entire bathroom. If you are looking for a low-cost option for changing your bathroom décor, consider buying a new shower curtain. Purchasing a richly colored or a bold-print shower curtain can have a dramatic effect on the rest of the room. It can also inspire you as you fill out the remainder of the bathroom with a similar theme. Decorating a bathroom has never been so easy or so much fun.

Before you begin to develop a theme or a new color scheme in your bathroom, take a long look at the colors and fabrics that currently exist in the room. If your budget is low, consider choosing a new shower curtain that contains some of those same colors. A white bathroom with a plain shower curtain can be greatly enhanced by replacing the shower curtain with a floral print that has white accents. Shower Curtains account for a large portion of a bathroom’s décor, so keep this in mind when considering large prints or extremely bold colors. Large bathrooms are better at absorbing dramatic color schemes or prints.

Small bathrooms require light colors and small, delicate prints. Dark colors will make the room seem crowded. Light, reflective colors like white, beige, or silver will open up cramped spaces and give the room a bigger feel. White also transmits the feeling of cleanliness. Bright lighting and large mirrors can translate into clean, spacious environments. Small bathrooms need Shower Curtains made of light fabric and simple designs to stay in line with these rules of decorating.

If your bathroom is large, you have a wider variety of choices when shopping for Shower Curtains. Rich colors and heavy fabrics will act like drapes, giving the bathroom an elegant feeling. Using inexpensive accents like gold-colored shower curtain rings or decorative curtain rods will add even more flair. Consider using the same colors and fabrics when choosing window coverings in the bathroom. Bathmats and toilet seat covers can also carry through with the same color scheme. Towels of matching or contrasting colors offer a striking enhancement to new Shower Curtains.
Some Shower Curtains lend themselves to themes rather than simply color combinations. A shower curtain with a tropical scene or an underwater sea life depiction can act like a mural to liven up a plain, boring bathroom. Beach and water scenes are especially relevant in beach houses or condominiums.

Try to stay in line with the home’s overall décor when choosing new Best Shower Curtains. Country homes with rough-hewn woodwork and leather furnishings should choose country-style bath accents and simple color schemes. Modern apartments or houses with clean lines and bold accents should carry that theme into the bathrooms, choosing Shower Curtains with modern designs and vibrant colors. Each room inside a home should reflect the attitude of the people who live there.
A final note on Shower Curtains brings a more practical side to bathroom decorating. Choose a shower curtain fabric based on the ventilation and sunlight levels in the room. Bathrooms with poor ventilation and very little or no natural light will be susceptible to mold growth. Heavy, plastic Shower Curtains will only make the situation worse. Choose instead fabrics that dry quickly and allow airflow. Cotton, canvas or any loosely woven material is a good choice.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Red Shower Curtain Can Brighten Up Any Bathroom

How about a red shower curtain to add a touch of color to your bathroom? Adding a red shower curtain can be a wonderful way to liven up your bathroom at very little cost. Think about whether you want a pattern or a plain bath shower curtain. Online stores sell a variety of red shower curtains in plain and patterned styles. Check out some Sturbridge plaid shower curtains or some Waverly Toile ones to get an idea of the designs on offer. The stores listed on this site should be able to give you some ideas. 

A red shower curtain can be a practical way to prevent water spray escaping from the shower area and soaking the surrounding furnishings. Contemporary shower curtains come in several different sorts of fabric, including vinyl, polyester and plastic. Cloth shower curtains are another option. It all depends on your personal tastes and the existing décor in your bathroom. For unusual shaped bathrooms there are lots of custom shower curtains to choose from that can be made extra-long or stall sized.

A red shower curtain can really brighten up dull décor. Check out some striped and polka dot shower curtains if you like the idea of having patterns. If you have children there are loads of kids shower curtains with red colors on. How about a lady bug shower curtain for example? Do you have a running theme in your bathroom such as a nautical style or country cottage look? Think about your existing color scheme and the patterns on your bathroom accessories such as towel and rugs. Then see what you find from these fantastic online merchants.

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