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Bath Towel Warmers – Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a bath towel warmer drying rack inside your home can actually transform a room from drab to exciting. As well as having to decide which style to go for, you may also have a few issues with regard to making a purchase and this article will address the most commonly asked questions about a towel warmer rack in the home. Choosing the right style can be tricky and this will very much depend on your personal taste but you can rest assured that the top manufacturers are constantly striving to produce new and innovative products to meet the demands of the public.
As more and more home owners become house proud, the popularity of radiator best towel warmers has soared and it’s now commonplace to see these items on wedding gift lists. This is because newlyweds prefer to have something useful and stylish for their house and these appliances do fit the bill perfectly and are incredibly affordable.

If you are seriously thinking about buying a towel warmer then here are some useful questions and answers to make things a little clearer.
  1. Are there any surfaces that aren’t suitable to mount my towel warmer heater?
    Yes, some surfaces are not suitable. Because these towel heaters have been specifically created to use inside the home, they need to be mounted on a wall or floor and connected or plugged in to a GFI outlet.
  2. How often should I clean my towel warmer panel?
    Now and again you could use a damp cloth or dry towel to wipe away any dust that has built up but it’s vital to ensure that the towel heater is completely cool and never use any household spray cleaners as they may damage the surface of the unit.
  3. Is it okay to install my warmer over a bath or inside a shower enclosure?
    The answer to this question is no. Most towel warmers have been designed to withstand the odd tiny droplet of water which may come from your body as you’re reaching for your towel but a towel warmer bar should never be soaked with the spray from a shower or bath as this could potentially break it. Remember to use fully qualified and certified tradesmen to install your appliance such as an electrician or plumber.
  4. Are towel warmer heaters as powerful as each other ?
    All UL listed towel warmers must strictly adhere to the standard requirements in temperature, so similar heaters will reach the same heat. Some models are larger in size and may require more power to maintain the same amount of heat as the smaller units but in these circumstances, the wattage would be higher.
  5. How long is the cord on a standard towel warmer stand?
    Wall mounted and free standing models come with a cord measuring  about 7 feet.
  6. Is it normal for towel radiators to emit a strange smell when switched on?
    All makes and models should not heat up so much that they will burn or scorch a towel or item of clothing. If you are experiencing an odour it could be coming from the detergent that you are using to wash the towels. Try placing your laundry on an extra rinse to avoid this happening and always ensure that your towels are only made from 100% cotton as other man made materials can sometimes give off a scent.
  7. Are these units cost effective?
    Most electric heated towel rails will use the same amount of energy as a standard light bulb as they don’t use oil to maintain their temperature; they use a Filatherm element which is extremely efficient in terms
    http://historyfactory.com/sale/ of energy use. On the whole, most appliances will use less than 1 single amp of power.
  8. Can radiator towel rails be used for drying clothing?
    Many are perfect for drying delicate items that are not suitable for dryers although you may wish to place certain items over a cotton towel first to avoid color runs.
  9. Why is my towel not very warm sometimes even when I place it over the rail?
    Because towels consist of several layers of loose fibers they will dry very quickly when randomly draped on a towel rail but won’t heat up effectively. For a toasty warm towel, it’s important to fold your towel into three and then cover it over with an extra towel to trap the heat inside the fibers of the towel. You can realistically expect to wait up to thirty minutes for the rail to fully heat up and longer than this for the warmth to build up inside your towel or robe. Indeed, depending on thickness and quality of towel and the temperature of the room itself, it may take up to three hours for the heat to build up in between the different layers of the towel. If you plan your bathing schedule in advance then you will avoid disappointment.
  10. Is it okay to install a heated towel warmer with the power entry at the top?
    Because the majority have been designed to be used with the power unit at the bottom of the model, it’s not suitable to install your towel heater with power entry at the top. However, you may decide to purchase a certain model that can be used with the cord either to the left or right and this will give you a little more scope.
  11. Is it possible for the temperature of my appliance to be lower than normal for no reason?
    This is not possible.
    The towel heater is either functional and is heating to the correct temperature or its broken and is not heating at all. If in doubt, the general rule of thumb is that if the bars feel warm to the touch then the unit is working.
  12. Will the “on/off” switch turn my bathroom towel rail off automatically?
    As the towel warmers need to adjust for both processes of heating up and cooling down, you need to switch the rail off, especially if it’s in a room that is not often used or if you’re going away on vacation. Other than this, your heater has been designed to be used 24/7 and you need to switch it on in plenty of time before to take a bath or shower to allow it adequate time to heat up your towel.
  13. Does it take long for towels to dry?
    This depends on several things including the level of wetness to the towel, the thickness of the towel and the temperature of the room. In order to dry your towel as quickly as possible it’s sensible to layer your towel and fold it lengthways across the rail and this will allow the heat to make the water evaporate.
  14. Should I still use my warmer during the summer months?
    Yes. The majority of bathrooms have poor ventilation and unwanted moisture could mean that your towels will take ages to dry off. Leaving your appliance on will still save you money as you won’t have to do so many loads of laundry. bathroom towel stands are also perfect for drying off bathing suits and beach towels.
Can I paint my appliance to suit my décor?
All manufacturers do not recommend painting their towel heaters as it can affect the heat 

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