Monday, October 30, 2017

Amba Jeeves H-Straight Bathroom Towel Warmer

This Amba Jeeves H-Straight Bathroom Towel Warmer is absolutely perfect for the finishing touch to any bathroom. Whether you’re remodeling and updating your bathroom accessories or designing and building brand new, this towel warmer is a must for those serious about their pampering time. Made from strong stainless steel, this Amba Jeeves H-Straight towel warmer is always going to have the beautiful shine it displayed the day you installed it.
Designed to run continually, Amba made sure to create it in such a way as to cut down on operating cost by enabling it to use minimal electricity. It measures 20.5” W x 18” H x 4.5” D which is impressive for accommodating you while taking up little space. Highly beneficial in its warming capabilities, you’ll wonder how you ever stepped out of the shower without having that warm towel waiting to complete your routine.
Amba has been providing people of all walks of life with their delightful bathroom towel warmers for many years now. The reputation behind the quality speaks for itself the minute you install and use your towel warmer. Whether you choose to use only one in your bathroom or want to extend its pleasures beyond, the choice for its abilities are many. There’s the time after a hard work out that the kind of comfort afforded is appreciated. How about one for the guest bath for the ultimate welcoming touch? No matter how busy you are, you’ll always find time to enjoy the many benefits of your towel warmer. So go ahead and indulge your dreams of personal pampering, it’s easier than you may have thought possible.

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